Bloomingnotes has developed a unique method to decorate Roses with a picture, logo or text. This week these beauties, located in our Flower Gallery, will steal your heart. We will show you all the ways to use them and will give you Valentine’s Day inspiration. Just like last year, OZ Export and Bloomingnotes present you a the best prices in our pre-order offer. Read more about it in this blog.

This original and exclusive gift is greatly appreciated by every recipient! The printing process does not influence the vase life of the rose in any way, so you can enjoy these beautiful, printed roses for 10 to 14 days! They don’t stop with just red Roses, instead, they have a complete collection with also lovely white Roses from the greenhouses of high-quality breeders.


This Rose concept is unique and only available via Bloomingnotes. Just like last year we are collaborating with their team in order to provide you with a very special offer for Valentine’s Day. If you order before Friday, the 25th of January, you will get the lowest price available!

Please note that this offer is only available at OZ Export, this way you will have a great advantage as an OZ-customer during Valentine’s Day!



The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day: a Bloomingnote! This romantic gift should be packed with love.

If you would like to make the shopping proces for your customers easier, you can opt for packaging. The Roses can be delivered to you pre-packed per piece in cellophane. So this will save you valuable time during the busy Valentine sales days in your shop.


Make your Rose stands out by giving it in this luxury packaging. Again a great concept that will disburden you from work, so you can focus on your customers and making bouquets. Plus this is a great product to use as a side-gift. A Bloomingnote and a box of chocolates, that sounds as the perfect combination?! Such a gift is also very popular for the younger cupids, as this is more accessible than a big expensive bouquet.

Sales tip: present the flowers in these packages on your counter top, everyone will see them when they are rounding up their order. They can see the finished product and you will likely sell a lot more.


There are 16 Bloomingnotes to choose from! We can deliver the Roses in several languages. Please ask your account manager regarding all the options.

The Rose is also a nice gift to receive from a friend. For singles, it is popular to give it as a very versatile message to any of your loved ones, friends, family or your true love by saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.