Happy children, trick-or-treat, scary food, cool costumes, parties. It’s Halloween! What about decorations? Flowers? We will tell you more about that in our article.

In this blog, we have told you about the flowers, which are perfect for All Saints’ Day. But before that, we are, of course, celebrating Halloween! What do we do then? Here are some suggestions. But first, let’s discuss suitable for Halloween colour pallets.



You can always opt for traditional Halloween colours. However, you can also go for more gentle theme – incorporating Soft Landing style trend of 2019. Or go for Harvesting Elements style trend, which has a darker and more natural colour pallet. Both of them will be great for indoors and outdoors. Or… combine them?



Dried flowers are incredibly trendy this year. This brings us back to the Harvesting Elements trend of 2019.

What’s for Halloween then? They will definitely be perfect for such celebration as well – there are endless possibilities. For instance, make it seem as if they were covered in spiderweb! Spooky, right? Opt for late autumn colours, such as brown, orange, beige, grey, black. However, as the event can also be very colourful – why not opt for bright colours as well? Possibilities are endless with dry flowers – countless colours, shapes and textures.

haloween ukrasi


So it became – pumpkins, and namely – Jack-o’ Lantern are a true symbol of Halloween. Therefore, pumpkins are a definite ‘must-have’! And the pumpkin does not necessarily have to be scary. There are so many things you can do with a pumpkin – craft a skull, make it scary, make it cute and gentle, make it fashionable. Of course, you can also paint it into any desirable colour and make it fit any decoration. But what if we add flowers?

You can opt for classic autumn colour pallet – bright colours, such as orange, yellow red. Add some gentle flowers of soft colours, such as lavender, light pink. Don’t forget about greenery!

You can also go for something extraordinary, magical, romantic even! Gentle pumpkin of gentle colour decorated with gentle flowers. In this case, this would perfectly fit within the Soft Landing style trend of 2019.

haloween cvijetni aranžmani


Any colour and any texture! Choose the colours fitting your Halloween theme the most, add some decorative spider web and you’re good to go!

noć vještica cvijeće


Apart from being the ‘Flowers’ of the month November, which starts right after Halloween, Berries will fit just right into our theme. Bright colours, perfect for autumn and Halloween. In fact, you will not have to take them away from your shop once the celebration is over – they will make you happy for a long time. Plus, they can also fit in within the Christmas theme, so – double points!

haloween vijenac