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Archives for settembre 2019



Happy children, trick-or-treat, scary food, cool costumes, parties. It’s Halloween! What about decorations? Flowers? We will tell you more about that in our article.

In this blog, we have told you about the flowers, which are perfect for All Saints’ Day. But before that, we are, of course, celebrating Halloween! What do we do then? Here are some suggestions. But first, let’s discuss suitable for Halloween colour pallets.



You can always opt for traditional Halloween colours. However, you can also go for more gentle theme – incorporating Soft Landing style trend of 2019. Or go for Harvesting Elements style trend, which has a darker and more natural colour pallet. Both of them will be great for indoors and outdoors. Or… combine them?



Dried flowers are incredibly trendy this year. This brings us back to the Harvesting Elements trend of 2019.

What’s for Halloween then? They will definitely be perfect for such celebration as well – there are endless possibilities. For instance, make it seem as if they were covered in spiderweb! Spooky, right? Opt for late autumn colours, such as brown, orange, beige, grey, black. However, as the event can also be very colourful – why not opt for bright colours as well? Possibilities are endless with dry flowers – countless colours, shapes and textures.

haloween ukrasi


So it became – pumpkins, and namely – Jack-o’ Lantern are a true symbol of Halloween. Therefore, pumpkins are a definite ‘must-have’! And the pumpkin does not necessarily have to be scary. There are so many things you can do with a pumpkin – craft a skull, make it scary, make it cute and gentle, make it fashionable. Of course, you can also paint it into any desirable colour and make it fit any decoration. But what if we add flowers?

You can opt for classic autumn colour pallet – bright colours, such as orange, yellow red. Add some gentle flowers of soft colours, such as lavender, light pink. Don’t forget about greenery!

You can also go for something extraordinary, magical, romantic even! Gentle pumpkin of gentle colour decorated with gentle flowers. In this case, this would perfectly fit within the Soft Landing style trend of 2019.

haloween cvijetni aranžmani


Any colour and any texture! Choose the colours fitting your Halloween theme the most, add some decorative spider web and you’re good to go!

noć vještica cvijeće


Apart from being the ‘Flowers’ of the month November, which starts right after Halloween, Berries will fit just right into our theme. Bright colours, perfect for autumn and Halloween. In fact, you will not have to take them away from your shop once the celebration is over – they will make you happy for a long time. Plus, they can also fit in within the Christmas theme, so – double points!

haloween vijenac


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Orchids are a very big flower group, in which the group members come from all over Asia. In this article, we would like to give you some inspiration and information over this stunning flower family and some of its members.


Did you know that there are approximately 26000 Orchid species in the world? This makes Orchids one of the largest flower families of florishing plants. All Orchids symbolize long-lasting friendship, which means they can be a perfect gift for any occasion.

Among many others, Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis and Vanda are big representatives of the Orchid family. Let’s discuss these three a little bit better.


Due to its shape, Cymbidium is also widely known as ‘Boat Orchid’. Not only that – the word ‘Kymbos’ also sands for ‘boat’ in Greek – and that is the reason why the flower is actually called Cymbidium. This blossom is available in a wide range of colours – apart from classic for Orchids white, pink and violet shades, she is also available in green and yellow! She is also particularly long-lasting.


Phalaenopsis is generally referred to as ‘Moth Orchid’ – the reason is pretty clear from the shape of this beautiful flower. The flowers have thick roots and do not require any soil to survive – they are air plants. If harvested fully mature, these blossoms also get incredibly strong as cut flowers.

Silky or glassy, Phalaenopsis is incredibly elegant. Generally speaking, if she is not a hybrid, the flower comes in white/creamy/pale yellow colours or in many different shades of pink. Quite frequently, she has markings.


Vandas are very special flowers. Their appearance combines both – elegance and gentleness. What also makes them extraordinary is their colour. The flower offers the most colours of all Orchids. However, the blossoms also come in various tints of blue – and blue is a very rare natural colour amongst flowers. Their velvet texture and the flower pattern makes the colour look even more alluring.

Another characteristic inherent to this flower is its very long vase life. Hence, apart from the flower being perfect for any centerpiece, be certain it will make you happy for a very long time.



Don’t be afraid to go bright, but do it with elegance! For any colour you can think of, there will definitely be a pastel alternative. This is a great way to go bright, but still not go overboard and remain aesthetic. Thanks to Orchids’ very wide colour pallet, you can always find a suitable colour!


Would you like to produce a daring design? Mix crazy colours and create a complete art piece? Orchids are perfect for that as well. When we were talking about bright pastel, we did not eliminate simply bright. You don’t need much for such design – just pick the craziest colours you can think of and.. twist, mix, experiment!


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veleprodaja ruža


This week, we would like to surprise you with a special and exclusive for OZ Export and 2 sister companies offer from Bloomingdale. However, we would first like to introduce you to the grower and share their story.



Bloomingdale is a rather young company, born only in 2013. In the past 6 years, they have grown incredibly much, becoming a very big player amongst Kenyan Rose suppliers and gained a global recognition.

Bloomingdale was born in the Bobmil Group – the whole group consists of such small family businesses. However, despite how big the business has become, it was and still remains family-owned and managed.

You may wonder how this company flourished so rapidly. The key is, of course, the passion. The quality of the flowers is remarkable as well. But you will find out more about that further in the article.



Bloomingdale is all about Quality, Consistency and Continuity. They are producing premium T-Hybrid Roses on their farm, which now covers approximately 40 hectares. That’s not it – the grower has an expansion plan! They have a large assortment of Roses – at this point, there are around 30 varieties. This means, they use slightly more than a hectare per variety. Of course, this assures the desired consistency in Rose production.

The Roses are grown at the altitude of 2450 at the foothills of Mount Kenya. ‘So what?’ – you may think? The answer is simple – growing Roses at such altitude results in formation of even larger flower buds, which is another important feature of Bloomimgdale’s production.


Of course, every well-established company has personnel. However, not each company takes good care of its workers. Here, we are talking about several aspects – this is the development of employees within the company and their health.

Bloomingdale has around 600 employees and still pays a lot of attention to the knowledge its personnel possesses. The company believes that knowledge = power. Therefore, they give a proper training and explain to employees how to do even the most simple things. The process might not be too hard to grasp, but knowing it from A to Z will result in great results and high quality of the flowers from growing to packaging.

However, that is not it. Each and every worker in Bloomingdale has their medical insurance, which is not any less important. The company also donates and contributes to greater causes – for instance, for ‘African Girl Foundation’.


As we have mentioned in the very beginning of the article, this week we do not only tell you about Bloomindale, but also have a very exclusive offer from them. This offer is intended for you to get to know the company better and get better acquainted with their production and assortment.

In this case, we are offering you mixed boxes – these boxes will include the whole assortment of Bloomingdale – with 5 stems per variety. There are 30 different varieties in total, but the boxes are as following:

  • 60cm x 200;
  • 50cm x 220;
  • 40cm x 250.

This means, that for some varieties there will be more than 5 stems. Apart from that, you will also receive a booklet with their whole assortment!

veleprodaja ruža
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