Following the magical Christmas period, not any less magical Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching us. This time of the year is filled with love. It is just hanging there, in the air.

Young boys trying to find the courage to ask their crush out. Girls watching all kinds of romantic movies, waiting for their prince to show up on a white horse. Adults booking the finest restaurants and searching for romantic gifts to surprise their partners. Some might even be planning to propose in front of the Eiffel Tour, in Paris, the city of love – who knows?



The never ending, nonetheless, pleasant, hassle of buying gifts for the loved ones. And a loved one does not necessarily have to be a partner, like many people think during this day. Valentine’s Day is for any kind of love. Either it is a lover, parents, siblings, family members, friends, a teacher, or even maybe that beautiful lady serving you a big cup of strong hot coffee and a croissant every morning when you are in such a rush to work.

Love is different and always unique. However, no matter how unique your love is, we have the right solution for you. It is not just a gift – it is an emotion. This beautiful gift is even older than the Valentine’s Day itself, but is still perceived as a symbol of love. She is the Queen of the Flowers. She is a Rose.



During the last weeks you have been presented our outstanding offer on the unique Blooming Notes – Roses with a message. This week gets us closer and closer to the Valentine’s Day. Hence, we are presenting you with beautiful Valentine Roses, which are provided by various growers from different countries. We have also prepared a specially designated Valentine Show, in which all of the flowers are displayed to the public eye. Ranging from gorgeous Red Naomi to unusual Red Eye, Red Eagle, Rhodos, Furiosa, Upperclass and many others!



  • The length and thickness of the stem, the bud height and width and the number of petals must be in proportion.
  • The leaves must be fresh and firm. The presence of thorns depends on the cultivar, from heavily thorned to virtually thornless.
  • If flowers have been harvested when they are too unripe, too little energy has been stored in the petals for the flower to open. This varies according to the cultivar. Buying at the right stage of ripeness is therefore very important in order to offer the customer a Rose that fully opens when placed in water.
  • Production conditions, the cool chain and transport from the country of origin play a major role in shaping the quality of Roses.
  • When buying, it is important that the Rose is free of pests and diseases such as powdery mildew or botrytis, a fungus that will rapidly diminish the Rose’s quality.

Did you know that if you buy Roses in our webshop, we check the Roses on all off the above and more? This way we can make sure you’ll get the quality that you ordered.



  • Use vases or containers that have been thoroughly cleaned, and use clean tap water. Add cut flower food to the water in the correct concentration. Special Rose food is best.
  • Remove the leaves that could end up under water from the stern to prevent the growth of bacteria. If possible leave the thorns on the stems. Wounds on the stem will encourage the growth of bacteria, which will affect the vase life.
  • Cut approximately 3 to 4 centimetres off the bottom of the stem with a clean and sharp knife or secateurs. Then place them in a vase or bucket immediately.
  • Regularly check the water level and top up where necessary. Keep the Roses away from sources of heat such as heaters or the sun. Never get the Rose flowers wet with a plant spray; this will encourage the fungus botrytis.
  • Roses can be stored in the cold store at 2 to 4°C. However, ensure that the Roses cannot get damp due to excessive humidity or from condensation on the cellophane. This will also encourage the fungus botrytis.



In these times of diversity, it’s a nice idea to adopt a more open approach to Valentine’s Day.

  • For those who love the classics there are always red Roses, possibly mixed with white.
  • For a more modern approach mix red Roses with pale pink and bright pink Roses.
  • Love between BFFs: pale pink Roses or mixed Roses in all colours.
  • Committed LGBT+++ love: rainbow Roses!
  • Millennial and centennial love: a field bouquet with grass heart Roses.