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Wedding workshop rijeka opatija prijava

Trodnevna napredna obuka za izradu vjenčanih buketa – WEDDING WORKSHOP

Wedding workshop rijeka opatija prijava

Najavljujemo održavanje trodnevne  napredne obuke izrade vjenčanih buketa  WEDDING WORKSHOP, koji će se održati od 27.-29.06.2023. u Opatiji, u Umjetničkom paviljonu Juraj Šporer.

Tečaj se izvodi prema obrazovnom programu Internacionalnih škola Atelier-5, Švicarska i Laboratorio idee Italija.  Kroz ovaj tečaj polaznici imaju priliku naučiti raznovrsne tehnike izrade vjenčanih buketa, koje se danas koriste u vrhunskom cvjetnom dizajnu. Predavač i mentor koji će prenijeti ta znanja je Vincenzo Antonuccio,  među osam najboljih cvjetnih dizajnera svijeta.

Nakon tečaja ispred Šporera biti će upriličen event  ALL ABOUT WEDDING BOUQUET – modna revija i znakoviti plesni performans, kojom prigodom će svi radovi svih sudionika biti prikazani i vidljivi javnosti i svim medijima.

Ovim tečajem počinjemo sa periodičnim monografskim tečajevima u Opatiji, sa ciljem stvaranja mogućnosti našim floristima, cvjećarima, ali i svima koji žele izučiti nove trendove, novi dizajn  i tako unaprijediti svoje znanje, profesionalnost,  poslovanje, te na taj način razvijati kulturu cvjetne umjetnosti kakva u svijetu danas postoji.

Prijave i informacije: +385 91 145 1975 i

Referent škole: Christina Cianci Žerić

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It’s this time of the year again – the air is simply filled with love. And what is a better way to say ‘I love you’ than with carefully selected flowers? We would like to suggest classic Roses and the flowers of the month – Chrysanthemums!

The time when there are countless romantic movies on TV and love songs on the radio. The time when young boys are adorably nervous profunding their love to that one special girl. The time when good restaurants are fully booked. The time of the year when beautiful streets of romantic old Paris are filled with couples. When shops are full of people – lovers hectically searching for suitable gifts to surprise their partners. And, of course, the time of the year when flowers are bought in very big quantities. So. What flowers should you stock up with?!



Roses have always been a symbol of love – they are especially elegant and love prefunding in bright red colours.

Every year, we strive to provide our customer with the best products possible. And how would we know how good the quality of our products is? We will tell you! A few weeks before the Valentine’s, we make a big Rose show at our office – that is also the way we test the flowers and only select the top quality. We observe them, check and choose only the best.


Dutch Roses are incredibly popular throughout this season due to their quality and looks. And when it comes to red Roses, there are 2 Dutch varieties that we would love to put in the spotlight – the ultimate famous Red Naomi and Red Eagle. Their big blossoms will capture the heart of your customers during Valentine’s!



Another popular location of Rose nurseries is, of course, Africa! African Roses are grown in a lot of sunlight all year round, which contributes to the quality of the flowers. These Roses are very popular by the end consumer, which means they are also a ‘must-have’ when it comes to Valentine’s Day!



Last but not least – Red Roses all the way from South America are also the product you should not neglect during this busy period! Same as Kenyan Roses, South African Roses are also grown in nearly year-round sunlight. However, their flowers look somewhat different from the previous two locations, which makes them a special addition to out Valentine list!



If you would like to slightly deviate from the classic red Roses, there are also very special Roses with a message. You can be sure that they will be a total blast in your store! Because what is a better way to say ‘I love you’ than with flowers saying ‘I love you’?? Of course, the assortment does not stop at ‘I love you’. Feel free to mix and match them and incorporate these beauties in your stunning floral arrangements! This option is especially good for florists.

P. S. the flowers are available in various languages.



This year, Chrysanthemum is the Flower of the Month February, which means that we should use it to our advantage and incorporate these blossoms into our Valentine designs! And we also should not neglect the fact that they come in a very wide range of colours and shapes.


Single flowers for couples! Get that bottle of Moët & Chandon Magnum Imperial and a beautiful bouquet of massive and stunning Magnum Chrysanthemums and congratulate your loved one – what could be more romantic?! Of course, the big flowers of single Chrysanthemums are available in a wide range of colours – anything you can imagine – even painted!

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The Amaryllis [Hippeastrum] is a typical statement flower: large, special and worthy. You simply cannot ignore it. The smooth, large hollow stems are too special and the flowers look too striking. The petals of Amaryllis are very unique; they look like luxurious velvet and come in white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple, orange and bicolour.

The Amaryllis is on the Flower Agenda in December. Usually, there are four to six impressive flowers on the leafless stem that can grow up to 20 cm wide. Amaryllis is the undisputed star of mixed bouquets, but also very suitable as a mono eye-catcher during the holidays.



veleprodaja cvijeća rijeka



Amaryllis as we know it originally comes from South and Central America and the Caribbean, belongs to the daffodil family and grows from a bulb.


The botanical name of the Amaryllis is Hippeastrum. This name comes from the Greek and literally means ‘knight star’, referring to the star-shaped petals: hippeus = knight and astron = star. But because everyone recognises the flower as Amaryllis, the names have become synonymous with each other. In our webshop, we always use the botanical names.


The best-known Amaryllises are the large-flowered cultivars, from which a particularly beautiful assortment is refined. Not only red or white in single or two-tone variations, but also beautiful burgundy, purple, pink or salmon-coloured flowers.

Less well-known are small-flowered species, which nevertheless offer unprecedented possibilities in bouquets and flower arrangements.

There are various groups within the genus based on flower shape: Galaxy Grp, Diamond Grp, Colibri Grp, Double Galaxy Grp, Double Diamond Grp, Double Colibri Grp, Butterfly Grp, Trumpet Grp and the Spider Grp, among which the attractive Cybisters. They all are placed in the category with the orchid or spider types.


  • Check the length and the number of buds per stem.
  • The ripeness stage is expressed in stages from 1 to 5. The Amaryllis is usually offered dry in boxes in stage 1.
  • It is important that the flowers are stored in a cool place to prevent ripening.
  • When purchasing Amaryllis, it is important that the flower is free from pests and diseases. The flower can sometimes show Botrytis (= dots or smallpox). The flower cover petals can also be limp, dried or shrivelled or become glassy and / or discolour due to low RV and too long storage. The stems are sometimes limp (flexion coefficient) to crack or are dried. This is usually due to too long storage or inferior quality.
  • Occasionally, red stripes appear along the stem, the so-called ‘fire stalks’. These have no negative influence on the shelf life.



  • Cut Amaryllis stems a few centimeters with a sharp secateurs or a sharp knife.
  • Place the stems in clean buckets or vases with clean water, with a preservative in it, preferably a special product for bulb flowers. A preservative ensures that the flowers open beautifully and the water is not contaminated by bacteria.
  • Please note that the flowers cannot become moist, due to excessive humidity or due to condensation. This will encourage Botrytis, a fungal attack that can quickly reduce the ornamental value. With Amaryllis, this is often called dots or smallpox, because of the small spots on the flowers.
  • When making bouquets and flower arrangements, it is wise to put a stick in the hollow stem that can help carry the heavy flowers. This is only necessary for older cultivars, the new range has sturdier stems that can stand independently.
  • To prevent the lower ends of the stem from curling, the stem can be fixed with a tape or elastic. Water absorption will then continue to improve.
  • Curling can also be made part of the arrangement: cut deeper into thinner strips and place in very cold water for a curly ball in the vase.
  • When processing Amaryllis in floral foam, it is useful to pierce a hole before the flower is inserted.
  • Amaryllis can be stored dry in the cold store at 8-12 ° C in boxes. Colder is not good – then the flowers become glassy. The shorter the storage time, the fresher the product and the longer the vase life.


The Amaryllis fits beautifully in the style trend, in which the living environment is softened and flowers serve as buffers. Hang them upside down as a flowering chandelier: the water can be put in the stems that can also serve as mini vases for other flowers. Or arrange them as a thriving mini-garden, the flowers have an impact anyway and, due to their size, have a dampening effect on stimuli and sounds. To enhance the effect, the pastel colours are best combined with an orange shade variety.



PANTONE 12-0806 Rutabaga
Rutabaga is a basic beige both rooted and timeless.
PANTONE 17-0535 Green Olive
A definitive olive, Green Olive sets the standard for green.
PANTONE 16-1532 Crabapple
Bringing warmth and comfort, orangey- rose Crabapple looks as though it were baked by the sun.
PANTONE 19-1534 Merlot
A fortifying wine shade Merlot display sophistication and depth.
PANTONE 19-5230 Forest Biome
Forest Biome is a foresty green shade suggestive of the color of autumn flora.
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cvijetni ukrasi bozic


Christmas is rapidly approaching us, which means that it’s finally time to introduce you to the 4 Christmas trends of 2019, which will bring your shop to a whole new level!

We have prepared this article for you using the trends set by the Enjoy!

You can also check our Christmas Trends magazine in a PDF file (also available in hard copy [limited amount] in December’s promotion packages. Please contact your sales representative).


Tender Festives – this trend is the definition of purity and gentleness. Imagine moonlight, stars, clear sky and fairy-tale atmosphere. Incredibly delicate glassware, mirror effects, smooth stone and paper, flowing surfaces with and matt touch – nearly surrealistic. Pale colours in pastel pallet.

This colour pallet allows for numerous possibilities when it comes to floral arrangements. Gentle and soft colours are easy to find in flowers, but you can be in the trend even more by using dry flowers, such as Cortederia, for instance. Natural or painted, she will give a very soft touch to your designs.


Essential Ceremonies – natural, authentic, rustic. Natural elements implemented into modern surroundings. Matt, raw, rough, broken, untouched, natural materials. This style goes hand-in-hand with calm, pure, cool colours as well as with earthy warm shades.


Essential Ceremonies – natural, authentic, rustic. Natural elements implemented into modern surroundings. Matt, raw, rough, broken, untouched, natural materials. This style goes hand-in-hand with calm, pure, cool colours as well as with earthy warm shades.


Sweet Traditions – exactly representing old-school joyful style. Cute textures, milky glass, latticino patterns, ornaments, candle holders, knitted items. Colour pallet lets you experiment – red, peachy, ginger and ochre, vibrant green and red, milky, nougat and strawberry ice.

These colours are often found throughout Christmas period – at least within traditional Christmas products, such as Nobilis or Hippeastrum. You can also, of course, go out of the traditional flowers still, but staying in the colour pallet – this way you will still be in the chosen trend!

cvijetni ukrasi bozic


Luminous Celebrations – a party-inspired trend, which is full of glamour and futuristic elements. Vibrant colours combined with elegant and dark nuances. Glittering and coloured polished metallic surfaces. Lamé and lurex effects, gloss, feathers, velvet. Marbling and metallic sheens in bronze and gold.

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noć vještica cvijeće


Happy children, trick-or-treat, scary food, cool costumes, parties. It’s Halloween! What about decorations? Flowers? We will tell you more about that in our article.

In this blog, we have told you about the flowers, which are perfect for All Saints’ Day. But before that, we are, of course, celebrating Halloween! What do we do then? Here are some suggestions. But first, let’s discuss suitable for Halloween colour pallets.



You can always opt for traditional Halloween colours. However, you can also go for more gentle theme – incorporating Soft Landing style trend of 2019. Or go for Harvesting Elements style trend, which has a darker and more natural colour pallet. Both of them will be great for indoors and outdoors. Or… combine them?



Dried flowers are incredibly trendy this year. This brings us back to the Harvesting Elements trend of 2019.

What’s for Halloween then? They will definitely be perfect for such celebration as well – there are endless possibilities. For instance, make it seem as if they were covered in spiderweb! Spooky, right? Opt for late autumn colours, such as brown, orange, beige, grey, black. However, as the event can also be very colourful – why not opt for bright colours as well? Possibilities are endless with dry flowers – countless colours, shapes and textures.

haloween ukrasi


So it became – pumpkins, and namely – Jack-o’ Lantern are a true symbol of Halloween. Therefore, pumpkins are a definite ‘must-have’! And the pumpkin does not necessarily have to be scary. There are so many things you can do with a pumpkin – craft a skull, make it scary, make it cute and gentle, make it fashionable. Of course, you can also paint it into any desirable colour and make it fit any decoration. But what if we add flowers?

You can opt for classic autumn colour pallet – bright colours, such as orange, yellow red. Add some gentle flowers of soft colours, such as lavender, light pink. Don’t forget about greenery!

You can also go for something extraordinary, magical, romantic even! Gentle pumpkin of gentle colour decorated with gentle flowers. In this case, this would perfectly fit within the Soft Landing style trend of 2019.

haloween cvijetni aranžmani


Any colour and any texture! Choose the colours fitting your Halloween theme the most, add some decorative spider web and you’re good to go!

noć vještica cvijeće


Apart from being the ‘Flowers’ of the month November, which starts right after Halloween, Berries will fit just right into our theme. Bright colours, perfect for autumn and Halloween. In fact, you will not have to take them away from your shop once the celebration is over – they will make you happy for a long time. Plus, they can also fit in within the Christmas theme, so – double points!

haloween vijenac


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Sparkling shapes, trendy shades and, of course, that legendary resilience: the Chrysanthemum is justifiably the undisputed heart and soul of the October party. No other cut flower offers so much choice, from sparkling stars and volumous spray Chrysanthemums to cheerful pompoms and spectacular soloists, which can reach a diameter of 10 centimetres.

Perfect for classic Autumn bouquets, but also the ideal material for modern arrangements in trendy colours, such as ochre, pink, lilac, brown and yellow. Because pushing the envelope is something else that Chrysanthemums are very good at.





Chrysanthemums were being grown in China as a flowering herb as early as the 15th century BC. They were seen as an exulted plant with special properties. So special that only noblemen were given permission to plant them in their gardens. Chrysanthemums can therefore also be found on the finest Chinese porcelain, painted in the refined Asiatic style. In Japan, the flower plays an even more prominent role – as the national symbol and in the form of the imperial Chrysanthemum Throne. The succession – Emperor Akihito abdicated in favour of his son Naruhito earlier this year – meaning that Chrysanthemums are particularly relevant this year.


The offering consists of spray Chrysanthemums (multiple flowers per stem), disbudded Chrysanthemums (one flower per stem) and Santini (maximum flower diameter – 40 mm, stem length – 55 cm).

In terms of flower shapes, we have:

  • Single-flowered;
  • Double-flowered;
  • Anemone;
  • Spider;
  • Pompom.

The range consists of more than 400 varieties, so there is plenty of choice to welcome Autumn 2019 in a surprising way.


  • When buying, check the length of the stem, the weight expressed in grams per stem, the ripeness expressed in stages from 1 to 5, the type of Chrysanthemum (spray, disbudded, Santini), the colour and flower shape.
  • The flowers must be healthy and free of pests and diseases. Chrysanthemums can sometimes suffer from botrytis (= blight, grey mould) – a fungus, which manifests itself as brown spots on the flower or patches on the leaf.
  • The stems can somewhat droop if the flower is too heavy for the stem.
  • When the flowers or the foliage are damaged or flawed, this is often the result of shipping or storage.
  • A Chrysanthemum’s leaf can sometimes contain small white tunnels, which are caused by the larvae of the leaf-miner fly.
  • Good nurseries pre-treat Chrysanthemums by pre-watering them, as a result of which they can better cope with dry shipping in boxes. Outdoor Chrysanthemums are transported in water and pre-treated with a wetting agent, which encourages the woody stem to take up water.



  • Place Chrysanthemums in clean buckets or vases with clean water with a preservative added. This ensures that the flowers open well, the leaves do not turn yellow, and the water is not contaminated by bacteria.
  • Trim 3-5 cm off the stems with sharp secateurs or a sharp knife and remove the bottom leaves. Make sure that there’s no foliage in the water.
  • Ensure that the flowers and the foliage cannot get damp due to excessive humidity or from condensation in the cellophane. This will encourage botrytis – a fungus, which rapidly diminishes the decorative value. With Chrysanthemums, this is often called blight because of the small spots on the flowers, or grey mould when it’s between the leaves.


Exploit the power of the Chrysanthemum by using the length of the flowers for energetic arrangements, whereby you abandon classic techniques and arrange the flowers in a new way. The disbudded Chrysanthemums sparkle at the top, whilst spray and Santini Chrysanthemums create a rich base at the bottom. Three things are important in this style trend. The first, is to strike a balance with the flowers between fullness and space. The second, is to choose flowers with a colour progression for extra dynamism. And the third is the container. It should be clean and sober: white, shiny, smart, plastic. The sleeker the vase, pot or bowl, the more the Chrysanthemums will stand out.

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