Easter is just around the corner – some are already preparing by collecting onion peels to give those eggs a bright red colour, some cannot choose what they should wear to the Easter Parade, while others get excited for yet another Easter Egg Hunt, wondering how much candy they can find this year.

As the celebration is very old, its customs vary per country – and this does not only apply to the dates of the celebration, but also to the ways it is celebrated. Some countries do it in a very traditional way, which includes going to church, attending a service, and having a feast afterwards – with coloured eggs and Easter cakes.

Other countries came up with a more modern way of celebrating – Easter Bunnies and Easter Egg hunt are some of the ways of doing it. With a nice high-tea with family afterwards.

However, despite the differences in the way of celebrating it, the essence of Easter still remains the same – it is a festive day, during which people gather together.



Chrysanthemums were being grown in China as a flowering herb as early as the 15th century BC. They were seen as an exulted plant with special properties. So special that only noblemen were given permission to plant them in their gardens. Chrysanthemums can therefore also be found on the finest Chinese porcelain, painted in the refined Asiatic style. In Japan, the flower plays an even more prominent role – as the national symbol and in the form of the imperial Chrysanthemum Throne. The succession – Emperor Akihito abdicated in favour of his son Naruhito earlier this year – meaning that Chrysanthemums are particularly relevant this year.


The offering consists of spray Chrysanthemums (multiple flowers per stem), disbudded Chrysanthemums (one flower per stem) and Santini (maximum flower diameter – 40 mm, stem length – 55 cm).

In terms of flower shapes, we have:

  • Single-flowered;
  • Double-flowered;
  • Anemone;
  • Spider;
  • Pompom.

The range consists of more than 400 varieties, so there is plenty of choice to welcome Autumn 2019 in a surprising way.

In this issue, we tried to put together decoration inspiration for you to bring the Easter to the next level. We will give you tips on how to prepare your shop for Easter!


It is not hard to add an aesthetic look to your table arrangement. These little creations will not take up too much space, but look cute and set a very fresh atmosphere, as well as give that spring vibe.

Moreover, they are absolutely ecological – using an eggshell for your flowers is possible in many different ways, if you use your imagination. You can hang them, put them on a plate or even keep them in the carton. Use bright and unusual flowers to create colour pops.

Focus on white, pink, purple and coral. Pay attention to textures – flowing and soft – use linen napkins, for instance. The same goes for the shapes – concentrate more on abstract and flowing shapes – this can be underlined in the sizes of eggshells, egg holders, cups, plates and bowls.


Why does Easter have to be only about eatable eggs? What about decorative ones? This decoration is simple to make, but looks really stylish. Take a hard-boiled egg (or anything that is shaped like an egg) and glue moss onto it. Use a golden wire to make it stand and to attach beautiful flowers to it. Voilá!

uskrs vaze cvijeće


Yellow is a trend colour not only for this year but also next year – not a surprise, considering yellow represents change. The world is changing in many different ways these days. But, some traditions stay! Just like Easter!

Please check our Grower Direct connection (VMP) by Broekhof for some joyful yellow accessories.


Apart from that, Greenflor has made specially designated Easter arrangements, which will make any place look festive and plain gorgeous. The colour pops will definitely make it feel like Easter.

dekoracije uskrs